By Michelle Johnson | GFDA Contributor

As the founder of Jute Interior Design, with offices in San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA, Alison Davin’s inclination toward natural, nontoxic materials is at the heart of her projects. Alison creates relaxed, functional and harmonious environments—infused with handcrafted furnishings, soulful antiques, and chemical-free fibers—designed to benefit the health and well-being of her clients. 

In our Q&A with Alison, she shares her design philosophy, her most recent vintage find, and her penchant for wine tasting in exotic spaces. 

My hope for the future of design:
That we use our creativity to elevate both our projects and the planet.

The last vintage thing I bought and love:
A primitive walnut hall chair purchased from Galerie Half in Los Angeles.

I have a collection of:
Vintage stools. Joint stools, milking stools, rushed stools, upholstered stools. I love stools!

A favorite building:
I’m very into wine and like to taste wine wherever I travel. At the Marquez de Riscal winery in northern Spain, there is a Gehry structure built onto a 14th-century stone building. The marriage of the two styles is breathtaking.

A place or experience that made me care about the environment: 
Traveling to untouched places. I went on an African safari in 2007 and the way the land and animals were protected and the farm-to-table standard, really impacted me.

An indulgence I would never forego:

My design icon:
Milan designer, Patricia Urquiola. Her products are always my favorite.

Which skill would you most like to have?
It’s not a skill but I would love more patience.

How would you sum up your design philosophy?
I like to create spaces that feel good and are warm, attached to nature, and grounded.

One material that’s underrated in design: 
Quartzite. It is my absolute favorite stone.

Interviewed by Michelle Johnson, our GFDA Contributor who lives in Denver, CO. Michelle is currently the home editor at 5280, Denver’s leading city magazine, and has been crafting compelling stories for publications focusing on interior design, architecture, real estate, and lifestyle industries for over ten years. 
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