GFDA leaders share their visions of a greener future.


What do you imagine for the future of design?

Dan Brunn, FAIA, Principal, Dan Brunn Architecture

I think we need to start thinking of building green communities and eschew our traditional city thinking and dream up a better, sustainable way of life.  I want to see smaller communities, of around 10-25 families living in remote, and self sufficient communities.  They would be mini-cities, totally self reliant with farming and relying on green resources. I think it’s totally feasible for a large portion of society.  I’d like to make this happen. We are currently in early talks with a developer for something along these lines.  

I think we need to start thinking of building green communities, and eschew our traditional city thinking to dream up a better, and sustainable way of life.”  

Dan Brunn, FAIA, Founder, Dan Brunn Architecture

Erica & Paul Arnold, PG Arnold Construction:

Thoughtful design that is less wasteful, efficient, and is more collaborative with the general contractor. In the near term, we see establishing a full-time sustainability position in our company, mainly dealing with waste management, efficiencies, resource allocation and distribution, building codes, grants, municipality tax credits, design efficiencies, etc. This makes us very excited.  👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼

Jennifer Jones Principal Designer, Niche Interiors:

My ideal future for the design industry focuses on transparency from furniture manufacturers. Design professionals and homeowners could easily evaluate the sustainability and health of home products if given some key metrics. I believe that most people care about the environment and would make the right decisions if these details were readily available.

Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic, Founder|CEO, A SustainAble Production (ASAP):

I dream of a future where sustainability, wellness, and resiliency are the foundation on which design is built. Where Design makes sustainability and wellness the easiest, most accessible, and natural choice. I dream of design that is equitable & inclusive and focuses on the health of the people and planet. I dream of design that allows are buildings to act as preventive medicine; where the outdoors and nature are brought inside, and the buildings produce more than they consume. I dream of design that provides future generations a planet and places where they can thrive for generations to come.

Megan Thompson, principal/founder, Spark Interiors:

I imagine a future where we do not have to ask what makes a product sustainable. In this future, I envision a collective, social understanding that all products are manufactured sustainably by default. 👍🏼

Greg Roth, Sr. Designer, CarbonShack and Home Front Build:

I imagine a future of design where a powerful force of alignment brings together not only nature-loving environmentalists, but also savvy business and finance leaders, conscientious civic mavens and policy makers, visionary design professionals, motivated journalists and media movers – in short, EVERYONE – in a harmonious syncopation that makes environmental stewardship effortless. This is a world where we take good care of our natural resources, not simply of necessity, but as a matter of course, without second thought or hesitation or question. And where we benefit from, and provide benefit to, the natural world in equal measures.

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